Friday, August 21, 2015

Toro Ppace Slfprp Mwr22 Zero Lawn Mower Reviews

The quality of cut is below what I've come to expect from commercial zero turn mowers but hey, this only cost 1/25th of what it did. After a month of owning it and running it near 60 hours, it seems reliable. Starts 75% of the time on the first pull and always by the second. The drive belt chatters some if the grass is juicy and collects on the belt. It does a near flawless job in Tall Fescue, but leaves stragglers and obvious wheel tracks in Kentucky Blue Grass. The bagging system seems to work well. I mainly use it in mulching mode - or, if the grass is tall, discharge mode.

Toro zero turn mowers
Toro lawn mowers

It cuts best with the front of the deck set to your intended cutting height and the rear set higher by one notch. And, speaking of tall grass, it does a pretty good job cutting tall grass (6-8") at the highest wheel setting 4" on Toro zero turn mowers compared to other 22" mowers I've had. I tried switching the blade to the Gator #96-607 blade, which doesn't really improve the quality of cut, but it does seem to last longer before it needs sharpening.

The Toro lawn mowers also seems to have a slight advantage in clipping dispersal when in discharge mode. The cleaning port does ok to rinse out the bulk of what collects under the deck - but if you wait long after you finish cutting and the grass dries under the deck, all bets are off. Taller clippings collect around the blade shroud and must be removed manually from time to time. Granted, I'm picky - and to get a better cutting 22" mower will likely cost twice as much. All in all, not too bad.

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Toro Ppace Es Sp Mwr 22

The very first time I used this mower, I was absolutely stunned at how easy mowing the Toro lawn mowers had become. Had I any idea before how easy this machine was going to make of the tedious mowing chore, I'd have bought it years earlier.

Toro zero turn mowers
Toro lawn mowers

One final comment is that my 13yr old daughter had no trouble getting the hang of this mower either. The reason I got the electric start model was primarily so she could use it without my having to start it for her - and it has been great. Can't see enough good things about this machine.

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